What's going on with your SBL listing?


This popped up on my Facebook memories this morning. I don’t post about client events very often, but given I can’t remember even what client this is, I don’t think I’m revealing too much info.
FB memory from a few years ago.

I’m dealing with a client who has a pretty big SBL listing. They’re going through a lot of contortions to fix the problems the SBL is pointing out, but I’m concerned that the SBL listings aren’t the complete story.

I sent them this in an email this morning. I’ve tried to tell them during our calls, but they keep mis-hearing or mis-interpreting what I’m saying. So I write down some speculations and send them by email.

Then a friendly, neighborhood SBL person contacts me and asks me a question about something totally unrelated. So I get about 4 sentences into my question and he says “Imma gonna let you finish, but let me tell you <exactly what I told the client might be going on behind the scenes>.

Yeah. Sometimes I get it right.

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