RoadRunner FBL goes kaput

Road Runner is no longer providing a FBL starting today. Earlier this morning a couple ESPs were reporting a decrease in FBL messages from the RR FBL. A few hours later, a senior technical account manager confirmed on mailop that the FBL was ending today.
While the announcement says that folks can expect reports to trickle, at least one ESP has reported zero reports today.

we usually get 400-600 reports a day, we got 247 yesterday, and then it stopped

Thus ends 2 hours of rampant speculation, emails, and gossip among the deliverability community. We can all go back to work now.


  1. Heather Goff says

    Any information on whether RoadRunner will remove FBL enrollment as part of what they score to determine rate limits on senders?

    1. laura says

      No idea. If I hear I’ll post. Or someone else can comment. Most of the folks who would know aren’t moderated and can post here.
      I’m guessing yes because … how can they?

  2. Anthony says

    There it is:


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