September 2017: The Month in Email


Happy October! ‘Tis the season for “the scariest costumes to wear to an inbound marketing Halloween party”. Terrifying, right? A perfect occasion for spam-infused mai tais!

In other news from the blog in September, I wrote several posts about the Equifax breach, starting with the announcement of the compromise on September 7th and their utterly inadequate response, followed by more incompetence when they sent people to the wrong site to get assistance. I also noted some of the discussion around the various educational paths people working in information security have and why these are the wrong questions to ask.
Speaking of the various paths people take towards careers in email, I wrote a followup post on Shiva Ayyadurai, whose defamation suit around his claims to being the inventor of email was recently dismissed.
I wrote a few posts about Gmail, including a guide to improving Gmail delivery, and some specific advice on how to warm up your Gmail mailstream, which is somewhat different than other warmup processes. In other news on mail providers, it’s worth noting some recent changes Microsoft has made to various domains.
In best practices, Steve wrote about a nice series of emails we received following an online purchase and I wrote about properly monitoring your DMARC reports.
Every now and then, I like to return to the basics. My post on 10 Things Every Mailer Must Do is a handy overview to share with your team (or your customers, if you’re an ESP). If you’re having delivery challenges and haven’t tackled these top ten best practices, this is where you need to start. I wrote up some additional thoughts on how we think about deliverability that you might find useful as well.

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