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I closed the Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) survey earlier today. I received 160 responses, mostly from the link published here on the blog and in the M3AAWG Senders group.
I’ll be putting a full analysis together over the next couple weeks, but thought I’d give everyone a quick preview / data dump based on the analysis and graphs SurveyMonkey makes available in their analysis.
Of 160 respondents, 154 are currently using GPT. Some of the folks who said they didn’t have a GPT account also said they logged into it at least once a day, so clearly I have some data cleanup to do.
57% of respondents monitored customer domains. 79% monitored their own domains.
45% of respondents logged in at least once a day to check. Around 40% of respondents check IP and/or domain reputation daily. Around 25% of respondents use the authentication, encryption and delivery errors pages for troubleshooting.
10% said the pages were very easy to understand. 46% said they’re “somewhat easy” to understand.
The improvements suggestions are text based, but SurveyMonkey helpfully puts them together into a word cloud. It’s about what I expected. But I’ll dig into that data. 
10% of respondents said they had built tools to scrape the page. 50% said they hadn’t but would like to.
In terms of the problems they have with the 82% of people said they want to be able to create alerts, 60% said they want to add the data to dashboards or reporting tools.

97% of respondents who currently have a Google Postmater Tools account said they are interested in an API for the data. I’m sure the 4 who aren’t interested won’t care if there is one.
47% of respondents said if there was an API they’d have tools using it by the end of 2017. 73% said they’d have tools built by end of Q1 2018.
33% of respondents send more than 10 million emails per day.
75% of respondents work for private companies.
70% of respondents work for ESPs. 10% work for retailers or brands sending through their own infrastructure.
That’s my initial pass through the data. I’ll put together something a bit more coherent and some more useful analysis in the coming week and publish it. I am already seeing some interesting correlations I can do to get useful info out.
Thank you to everyone who participated! This is interesting data that I will be passing along to Google. Rough mental calculation indicates that respondents are responsible for multiple billions of emails a day.

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  • Thank you, Laura, for putting this together. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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