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We’ve known for a while that AOL email infrastructure is going to be merging with Yahoo’s, but apparently it’s happening sooner than anyone expected.
The MXes for will be migrated to Yahoo infrastructure around February 1st. Reading between the lines I expect that this isn’t a flag day, and much of the rest of the AOL email infrastructure will be in use for a while yet, but primary delivery decisions will be made on Yahoo infrastructure.
The AOL and Yahoo postmaster teams are pretty smart so I assume they’ll have made sure that their reputation data is consistent, and be doing everything else they can do to make the migration as painless as possible. But it’s a major change affecting a lot of email, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some bumpiness.
If you’ve done anything … unwise … with delivery to AOL addresses, such as hard-wiring MXes for delivery to, you should probably look at undoing that in the next week or so. I’m guessing the changeover will happen at the DNS level, so if you’ve nailed down delivery IPs for you might end up trying – and probably failing – to deliver to the old AOL infrastructure.

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  • Should we expect to see AOL delivery to look more like yahoo delivery after the change? Will the yahoo postmaster team be handling all sender support for AOL going forward?

  • I’ve not seen any public statement on this yet.
    As for what’s going to change going forward … I’m not ready to speculate publicly on that yet.
    This is mostly a heads-up to fix any AOL MX specific hacks you have, and to be aware that Things May Change next week.

  • I am being told that the MXs will change but not to Yahoo MXs. Yes they will belong to Yahoo infrastructure but they will not accept yahoo@ email. There will be a segregation between aol@ and yahoo@ internally…
    Reputation from AOL is not being transferred over. For the last month they have been calculating reputations silently and that will override.

  • Hi guys,
    when will the complete “Oath” come to our use . Can anybody guess it. Please answer and I am so interesting to know it.
    whether this migration will make bulk mailing?

  • i don’t want yahoo will i still be able to have google?
    is talk talk the same as aol,? do i need to change my provider?

  • Re: May 23 Valencia Whitehead comment. I also can no loonger sort by unread in aol.mail. This schange took place aorund may 20, 2018. Are they correcting this? Essential e mail tool to catch up on past e mail you missed. Affertcs millions of users!

  • I have had AOL forever however now that a change has been made and I can no longer sort by sender I am thinking about changing. Can anyone tell me if another mail option offers this option?

  • I’ve recently been locked out of some of my AOL addresses and called AOL support. Seems I must supply my phone no. or I will not be allowed in. I dislike being strong-armed and said I don’t with to give them my phone no. Rep was a broken record, just repeating over and over that I will be locked out unless I comply = no help at all.
    No more AOL for me. I dislike that my Email has apparently been given to a multitude of businesses, people, etc (so much for privacy) and so I’ve been inundated with unsolicited Emails, and I’ve disliked all their ads and junk news stuff for years anyway.

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