AOL Postmaster page changes

AOL has disabled the IP reputation check and the rDNS lookup on their postmaster pages. Given AOL isn’t handling the first mail hop any longer, this makes perfect sense. They simply don’t have the kind of data they did when they were handling mail directly from the sender MTA.
There’s no information, yet, on whether or not that functionality will be added / replicated over at Yahoo.


  1. Marcel says

    This is temporary. Watch

  2. James says

    The whole AOL Postmaster site is currently down, showing only Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.
    Does anyone know if this is a permanent change?

  3. robert says

    Hi guys,
    when will the complete “Oath” come to our use . Can anybody guess it. Please answer and I am so interesting to know it.
    whether this migration will make bulk mailing?

  4. James says

    Well, the AOL postmaster site came back online this morning. I guess it wasn’t a permanent change.

  5. robert says

    Yes, the AOL postmaster came back without any new things. could you guess the aol and yahoo migrations when will over?


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