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I’ve been blogging regularly for over a decade now, and for much of that time I’ve posted 5 days a week. For a lot of reasons I’m finding that schedule harder and harder to keep up with. Part of it is that this spring I took on more, and bigger, clients than I have in the past. This means a larger portion of my time is scheduled and committed than in the past. I also find myself wanting to write about bigger, more complex issues; stuff that takes longer than the 45 minutes – 2 hours I regularly spend on blog posts.
The last few months, I’ve been considering what to do about blogging. I could simply cut back the amount I write here. Except that regularly blogging forces me to think about what’s going on in the broader industry, and that’s important to me and I think makes me a better consultant. I could write a few short posts a week, and a bigger meatier post once or twice a month, but I’ve been me long enough to know that’s not the best solution. I could just keep going as I have been most of this year and just post when I have something to say and not worry about frequency.
I still don’t have the answer. Of course, there’s not a right answer, there’s just a move forward and do what works. I have a lot of travel coming up next month (including speaking at Activate: The ActiveCampaign Conference) so things might get wonky for a while. But, I’m not planning on giving up blogging.
One of the consequences of my time constraints is that I have handed comment moderation off to other folks. Comments might sit for longer than they used to before approval. They’re being processed, just a little more slowly than they have in the past. I don’t think it’s a big deal, it’s not like there’s a significant horde of commenters here. When I was moderating comments basically anything that contributed to the discussion and didn’t come from a forged email address was approved. The current policy is similar.
I am around on the email geeks slack channel, and am often talking about stuff on the deliverability channel.
Thus ends the housekeeping.

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