Anyone know why…

Countless questions about email troubleshooting start with “does anyone know why.” Unfortunately, most of these questions don’t contain enough detail to get a useful answer.

In the case of email, even the smallest redactions, like the IP address and the domain in question, can make it difficult for anyone to provide help. Details matter.
Every detail matters, sending IP and domain are just the beginning. Who’s doing the sending? What is their authentication setup? What IP are they using? How were the addresses collected? What is their frequency? What MTA is used? Are they linking to outside sites? Are they linking to outside services? Where are images hosted?  Is the mail going to the bulk folder or being rejected? What ISPs or filters are involved?
The relevant questions go on and on and on.
We send fairly detailed question lists to clients. I regularly look at them to try and make them shorter. But the reality is these are questions that are relevant. Without enough information we simply cannot troubleshoot delivery problems.

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  1. Jacob Haller says

    Argh. That old ‘Why are you /asking all these questions/ when you could be /fixing the problem?/’ thing.


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