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It is morning in the channel. The regular crowd is around discussing the usual.
JK, smart, competent head of deliverability at an ESP asks: Anyone familiar with SECTOOR EXITNODES listings and have insight into what’s going on if listed?
ME: Uh, that’s the Tor Exit Nodes list. They think your IP is used by Tor. That’s all sorts of weird. Let me do some digging.
5 minutes of google searches, various dig commands and a visit to the now non-existent website show that the domain expired and is now parked.
ME (back in channel): It looks like the blacklist domain expired and is now parked. So they’re listing the world and nothing to worry about. Not your problem, and not anything you can fix.
JK: Like a UCEProtect fiasco – not just us but everyone?
ME: No, more like the spamcannibal fiasco. The domain expired and so it’s listing the world.
ME: The world would be a better place without MXToolbox worrying about every stupid blocklist. Or even if they would follow the blocklist RFC check for expired domains before panicking the world.

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  • ME: The world would be a better place without MXToolbox worrying about every stupid blocklist.
    And well done on the scene. As ex-IT and now movie producer I appreciated this on SO MANY LEVELS.
    I really hope I got the quote part right.

  • Your constant rant about UCEProtect proves impressively that they are a real problem, maybe even a pain in the ass for you.
    If nobody would use UCEProtect, as you say, logically you would never have heard of them, and you would not have to waste your time trying to convince others not to use the UCEProtect lists.

  • Claus, we’ve mentioned UCEProtect in exactly one other blog post – where we were discussing it’s level 3 listing a bunch of ESPs and why they shouldn’t be too concerned about it as it’s impact is ~0.0001% of sends.
    The gentleman doth protest too much.

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