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We’ve been blogging here about email for 11 years now. My first post was published August 29, 2007. In that time, we’ve published more than 2300 posts, and written probably millions of words. For years we have blogged multiple times a week.

This summer we’ve not kept up our normal posting schedule. We’ve been a little busy with non-email stuff. We’ve spent this summer planning, purging, and packing for a big move. We’re almost finished, and early next month we’re getting on a plane with our cats and moving to Dublin, IE.

Picture of a church on a hill in Dublin, Ireland

We’re both excited about the move, and looking forward to living in a new place and meeting new friends.

Most of the changes are personal, but we’ve also been thinking about what business changes we’d like to implement. I have some exciting thoughts about the next phase of Word to the Wise, too. I am looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming months.

One of the big business changes is that we decommissioned our cabinet and have moved all our services into the cloud. We’ve run services on our own hardware since before we were Word to the Wise. Starting with a server sitting in the closet in a Boston apartment, then moving up to donated colo for We’ve had a full cabinet for close to 15 years, first at Integra, then later at Hurricane Electric.

A few weekends ago we pulled the last of our hardware from HE. After we left the support folks sent us this picture of our servers acting as cat bed for the colo cat. 

Cat sitting on servers

Happily, this is all the e-waste we generated from all of the hardware gear we were using. A small amount is going with us to Dublin. But the bulk of our hardware, including some from ‘inside the firewall’ (i.e., the house) was donated to the Network Time Foundation.


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  • Congrats on the move to Ireland, it will be quite the change from the US. Hope you guys are staying in email, you have been a valuable resource through the years.

  • Congrats Laura! That’s a big move! Wishing your safe travels to Ireland and excited to hear about WTTW’s future endeavors.

  • Congrats Laura! Very happy for you and this amazing move. You’ll love Dublin, I am sure. Keep up the great work.

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