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Temporary fixes

If your mail goes back to spam within a month of “fixing” a delivery problem, then you never really fixed the problem. You just evaded filters for a short time. The filters caught up and the problem is definitely your mail.

Gmail tab weirdness

Lots of reports today about mail being delivered to unusual tabs today. Mail that normally goes to promotions is in updates, updates are in the inbox, things like that.
It’s not just you.
Update: The Washington Post reported on the bug.

Whois silliness from Tucows

In the wake of GDPR, public whois records are 100% redacted. There is lots of work going on to attempt to provide the data without violating privacy laws, but no one is there yet. This came up because today I got email from Tucows asking  me to verify and, if necessary, update my whois data. Now, Tucows is the registrar, so they know all of the data. But they sent me thisGee, thanks. That’s...

Never 100% inbox

No matter how great an email program deliverability is, no one can guarantee that 100% of the email sent will reach the recipient’s inbox. Why? Recipients can make decisions about where mail goes in their own inbox. Every mail client has a way for users to control where mail is delivered. This is good for delivery, when the mail means so much to people that they override spam filters and...

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