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AMP and Gmail

Yesterday,Gmail announced they’re rolling out AMP support in their web client, with support for mobil coming soon. AMP allows a more web page experience in email. Things that would previously have required clicking through to a separate web page, can now be done directly within the message. According to the announcement, this feature is only […]

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Shared environments

In the email system there are all sorts of different belief systems. One contingent will have you believe that IP reputation is the be all and end all of delivery. Get a decent IP reputation, and the clouds will part, angels will sing and your mail will reach the inbox. This group of folks often […]

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Phishing and authentication

This morning I got a rather suspicious message from a colleague on LinkedIn. I asked around and it seems other folks got the same message and were equally confused. I didn’t click the link because that seemed risky. A few hours later one of the folks I had talked to mentioned that the person’s entire […]

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New office

We successfully worked out of a well fitted out home office for years. But part of the move to Dublin was about changing our lifestyle. Last week we took possession of our new office and today our new monitors arrived. Eventually we’ll move into our new house and install our other set of monitors, currently […]


Dead addresses tell us things

There was confirmation this week that the increase in “user unknown” messages from Yahoo is actually Yahoo cleaning out abandoned accounts. At the same time a Yahoo is sending out notifications to folks to log into mail. The first thing every sender should do is remove all these Yahoo addresses from their lists. They’re done, […]


Email news today

Ironport have rolled out an update to their rule engine which has a bug causing mail problems. According to discussion on the mailop list, the new rule engine is folding the header with a line feed (LF) rather than a carriage return (CRLF). This is breaking things, including DKIM signatures. Ironport is aware of the […]

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Verizon Media Postmaster Site

Marcel brought up in the comments that Verizon Media has a postmaster site. The ex-AOL and Yahoo folks have done a great job providing information for senders to help troubleshoot their mail. There is a direct link to receive sender support. As I’ve said before, you should always use the form when looking for […]


AOL postmaster site *poof*

We knew this day would come, but somehow it doesn’t make it any easier. The AOL postmaster site is gone. Raise a toast tonight to all the people who created and maintained the site for the last decade and a half. Raise a toast tonight to the email industry that was. Thanks to all the […]


Email verification vendor leaking marketer data

I’ve been waiting for this to happen. An email verification vendor has left their database of 800 million email addresses along with detailed individual data. unprotected on the internet. Bob Diachenko reported the discovery yesterday on his blog. Wired also ran an article (An Email Marketing Company Left 809 Million Records Exposed Online) based on […]

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Audiences, targeting and signups

A few weeks ago we closed on our new house in Dublin. This weekend we’re going to one of those ‘home shows’ where people try and sell you all sorts of things for your home. We know there are some things we want to do with the house so we’re headed out to the convention […]

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