AMP and Gmail

Yesterday,Gmail announced they’re rolling out AMP support in their web client, with support for mobil coming soon.

AMP allows a more web page experience in email. Things that would previously have required clicking through to a separate web page, can now be done directly within the message.

According to the announcement, this feature is only available to senders who register with Google. The registration page has more information about requirements. Of particular interest is that DKIM must align in order to have AMP active in emails.

There is a belief among some folks that the way to get widespread DMARC support is to make it more appealing to marketers. That if marketing pushes for alignment then it’s much more likely to happen than if security pushes for it. In this case, alignment comes with significant and immediate benefits to marketers.

Both Microsoft and Verizon Media have announced they are also participating in AMP.


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