AOL postmaster site *poof*

We knew this day would come, but somehow it doesn’t make it any easier.

The AOL postmaster site is gone.

Raise a toast tonight to all the people who created and maintained the site for the last decade and a half.

Raise a toast tonight to the email industry that was.

Thanks to all the AOL folks throughout the years that poured so much into making email better for their customers and the rest of us. Your contributions to the industry from the “this is spam” button to FBLs to ARF.


  1. Marcel says

    “We” are still here. We continue on the mission. Names might change — or desire to make email better doesn’t. Continue over here:

    1. laura says

      I was feeling a bit maudlin last night while thinking about the folks who moved on a decade ago.

      But you’re absolutely right and the torch has not been extinguished, just passed on.

  2. Annalivia Ford says

    It’s a sad day for me too.


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