Verizon Media Postmaster Site

Marcel brought up in the comments that Verizon Media has a postmaster site.

The ex-AOL and Yahoo folks have done a great job providing information for senders to help troubleshoot their mail. There is a direct link to receive sender support. As I’ve said before, you should always use the form when looking for sender support.

Thanks to all the VM folks who have worked so hard to get a new postmaster site up and running with useful information.


  1. Marcel says

    “Verizon Digital Media Services” is not the same as “Verizon Media”. I know, I know. Confusing.

  2. Jonathan says

    The old AOL Postmaster site ( redirects to the new Verizon Media Postmaster site, but still redirects to Yahoo! KB.

    Also AFAIK, the AOL/Yahoo! email infrastructure merge is more like a migration of AOL email addresses to the Yahoo! email infrastructure. So it seems a bit surprising to rebrand the old AOL postmaster site without any web form (all forms have been replaced by links to the Yahoo! postmaster site) instead of redirect to ?‍♂️

    1. Marcel says

      We are not done yet…


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