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I’m seeing some questions about TLS and Gmail. Folks are seeing a correlation between sending without TLS and the mail going to bulk.

Has anyone seen this? Are you sending mail with TLS and can’t get to the inbox? Or are you sending mail without TLS and getting to the inbox?

Inquiring minds and all that.

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  • I was contacted by someone saying their ESP was still struggling to get TLS 100% implemented, but that their Gmail delivery was strong.

    While normally I wouldn’t say one piece of evidence is sufficient, I think in this case the example that non-TLS bulk mail is going to the inbox is enough to say that Gmail isn’t putting all TLS mail into the bulk folder simply for not having TLS.

  • We have 100% TLS and inbox rate is all over for our clients. For us, activity of the list is still the best indicator as to the success for Gmail. Too many inactive, or the wrong inactives, and you have issues.

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