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Blogging has been a major part of our outreach and education here at WttW. It’s also the place where I work through some of my ideas. Most of what I do, particularly these days, is education. That means I need to be able to clearly model things in my head and explain that model to other folks.

I work out a lot of the models and language here on the blog. Many times I think best through my fingertips and so blogging gives me ‘thinking time.’

Recently, though, it’s been hard to blog about email. Whether or not something gets to the inbox seems inconsequential when I look in horror as the US descends into fascism. While I try and keep the blog apolitical, the reality is that the political situation since the 2016 US election has been personally very stressful. Moving out of the US resolved some areas of stress but I’m definitely still adjusting to living in a foreign country.

I fully intend to get back to blogging. I do have a lot of ideas and things to think about and work out here. But after 2600+ blog posts in 12 years combined with the challenges of moving countries I think I need a little break.


  1. Peter B Ansbacher says

    Missing your posts, but understand the break. We live in tough times and sometimes it is mentally hard. You provide such a service to those in the Email Marketing Community. So thank you for all your posts and your insight that has helped many.

  2. Richard says

    Personally I was a latecomer to your blog but I’ve found it really interesting. As for the USA, its democracy right? and I guess democracy doesn’t always work like it should. We’ve seen the same thing in this county, where in a little over a month we’re leaving the EU with all the significant issues that will cause, not because it was the right thing to do, but because the uninformed masses were lied to and decided to vote on that basis, whereas the informed minority thought it was a stupid vote and many didn’t participate. Anyway, enough politics for a Friday, Thank you again for your blog and wisdom and I sincerely hope you’ll continue gifting knowledge in the future.


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