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Lots of folks are socialising distantly these days, so I thought I’d try a scheduled deliverability discussion over video. Given the time difference, I’ll log on in the evening Irish time which makes this daytime for most of the US folks.

The first call will be Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 5pm Ireland time. That’s 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific. If you’re interested in joining, drop me an email laura-ddiscuss@ the obvious domain and I’ll send you an invite.

If there’s a particular thing about delivery you want me to talk about, send it in the email.

Talk to you wednesday.

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  • If you’re seriously asking how you can leverage a global pandemic to shill your services I’d suggest you get out of marketing entirely, or any career or lifestyle that involves interaction with actual humans.

  • Sadly, you could have just as easily answered “Check your own email”.

    It seems like every brand I have ever interacted with had the same idea as this guy, and has sent me an email to let me know that they love me and care about me in these desperate times.

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