It’s Deliverability Week


What is Deliverability Week? Al Iverson decided it should happen, and asked a bunch of deliverability folks to share some of their thoughts about the deliverability industry – why do we do this? where did we come from? what’s next?


Al’s summary of the day, Deliverability Week: Why deliverability matters to us.


Al’s summary of the day: Day 2 Recap: SPF, Collaboration, History, Convincing the CMO and more!


Al’s summary of the day: Deliverability Week Day 3 Recap: Filters, Excuse, Consent, Warming, Karma and more!


Al’s summary of the day: Spam foldering, opens, DNS, definitions, it depends, warming and more!


Al’s summary of the day: Email authentication, more on terminology, the Email Czar, DMARC + more

Wrapping up

Al’s Wrapping up Deliverability Week 2024

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