We can help with a range of things

  • Email programme and business strategy
  • Email deliverability
  • Spamhaus listing, blacklisting, blocking and other email disaster management
  • Policy development and training for ESPs
  • High level advice and support for ESP customers
  • Embedding a policy expert in your teams Slack channel
  • Email, DNS and Internet expert witness services
  • Tier three escalation for your internal email expertise
  • Someone to call when you have email questions

How does it work?

We don’t have a three-ring binder full of standard solutions – every engagement is different.

For the complex issues we tend to deal with, though, there’s not usually a silver bullet that’ll fix your problem immediately (sometimes there is, and we love it when it happens, but it’s rare).

Strategic and delivery engagements will often last three to six months, as we learn about your email programme, capture the email streams you’re sending, fix any technical or authentication issues, interpret your delivery and engagement data, suggest changes and monitor the results.

Send us an email and tell us a little about what issues you’re seeing or what advice you’re looking for, and we’ll schedule a call to discuss how we can help.

If you can provide us with some information up front we can give you better advice:

  • Your contact information
  • Your company name and corporate website
  • Whether you’re an ESP, someone sending B2C mail or B2B mail, or something else
  • What problems you’re seeing
  • If your mail is being blocked, is it primarily at one ISP
  • If you’ve been blocklisted, by who, and which IP addresses have been blocked
  • What domains you send email from

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