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Laura Tessmer Atkins

Laura has over twenty years of experience in helping companies mitigate and manage mailing risks, respond to spam complaints and interact more effectively with ISPs. She works with clients to define email-related goals and to identify and implement policy and procedural changes that further those goals.

Before founding Word to the Wise, Laura led the outsourced abuse desk group for the Mail Abuse Prevention System (the industry’s first anti-spam blacklist). In this role, she advised ISPs on the most effective ways to manage their customers and complaints about their customers behavior.

With her background in molecular biology, Laura is well suited to investigating and troubleshooting complex processes from scientific and analytical perspectives, allowing her to expertly investigate and resolve email delivery problems for a variety of types of email senders.

Laura writes and speaks frequently for industry publications, events, and educational offerings.

Steve Atkins

Steve leads the development of Word to the Wise software products, including Abacus and other tools for email infrastructure.

Steve also consults regularly on policy and procedural issues for abuse desks and bulk mailers, as well as deliverability issues for senders of legitimate email. Steve provides technical and forensic assistance to lawyers and law enforcement in email and other internet cases and advises on spam legislation and policy.

Prior to founding Word to the Wise, Steve was a system architect for UltraDNS, a distributed DNS service serving a number of top level domains and large companies and prior to that a microprocessor designer, developing arithmetic units for AMD, DEC and Inmos CPUs.

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