Steve Atkins

Steve leads the development of Word to the Wise software products, including Abacus, wiseTools, and other tools for email infrastructures.

Steve also consults regularly on policy and procedural issues for abuse desks and bulk mailers, as well as deliverability issues for senders of legitimate email. Steve provides technical and forensic assistance to lawyers and law enforcement in spam and other email cases and advises state, federal and foreign governments on spam legislation and policy.

Prior to founding Word to the Wise, Steve was a system architect for UltraDNS, a distributed DNS service serving a number of top level domains and large companies and prior to that a microprocessor designer, developing arithmetic units for Athlon, Alpha, Transputer and Chameleon.

  • OTA joins the ISOC

    The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) announced today they were joining forces with the Internet Society (ISOC). Starting in May, they will operate as an initiative under the ISOC umbrella. “The Internet Society and OTA share the belief that trust is the key issue in defining the future value of the Internet,” said Internet Society President and CEO, Kathryn Brown. “Now is the right time for these two organizations to come together to help build user trust in the Internet. At a time when cyber-attacks and identity theft are on the rise, this partnership will help improve security and data privacy for users,” added Brown.No Comments

  • Friday blogging... or lack of it

    It seems the last few Friday's I've been lax on posting. Some of that is just by Friday I'm frantically trying to complete all my client deliverables before the weekend. The rest of it is by Friday I'm just tired. Today had the added complication of watching the Trumpcare debate and following how (and how soon) it would affect my company if it passed. That's been a bit distracting, along with the other stuff I posted about yesterday. I wish everyone a great weekend.1 Comment

  • Indictments in Yahoo data breach

    Today the US government unsealed an indictment against 2 Russian agents and 2 hackers for breaking into Yahoo's servers and stealing personal information. The information gathered during the hack was used to target government officials, security employees and private individuals. Email is so central to our online identity. Compromise an email account and you can get access to social media, and other accounts. Email is the key to the kingdom.No Comments