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Email plays a vital role in building relationships and community.

The email inbox is a private space, maintained for the benefit of the recipient. Mail that recipients want to receive should be delivered, and recipients have agency to influence that.

Email deliverability is not a checklist of things to do, nor a list of best practices that apply in every case. We believe deliverability is rooted in that idea that email creates and maintains a relationship between the sender and the recipient.

The key to reaching the inbox is sending email that serves the needs to the recipient, as well as those of the sender.

Our delivery consulting focuses on addressing and solving problems that have not been solved by implementation of normal deliverability best practices. We work with clients, large and small, that have worked with other experts and still found problems.

Our strategic consulting helps build email programmes and business models that will build relationships with recipients, and that will thrive in the long term.

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