Everything leaks eventually

We have a role address we use to receive support requests from users of our Abacus ticketing system – they’re typically abuse or security desk administrators at ISPs or ESPs, inside corporate firewalls and protected by multiple layers of security and malware protection. We’ve been using it since around 1997, so we’ve had a good, spam-free run, but in the past few days...

Don't spam filter your role accounts

A variety of “amazon.com order confirmations” showed up in my inbox this morning. They were quite well done, looking pretty close to real Amazon branding, so quite a few people will click on them. And they funnel people who do click to websites that contain hostile flash apps that’ll compromise their machines (and steal their private data, login and banking credentials then add...

The little things

It really amuses me when I get blatant spam coming from a network belonging to one of our Abacus customers. I know that the complaint will be handled appropriately.
It’s even better when the spam advertises the filter busting abilities of the spammer. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that the spammer is going to be looking for a new host in the immediate future.

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