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Cheetahmail on appending

Experian CheetahMail believes that opt-out email appending is no longer an acceptable practice, and that marketers should no longer use of this practice to acquire customer email addresses. EmailResponsibly In my experience, appending causes major delivery problems. Of course, every time the issue comes up some marketer tells us who think it’s a bad idea […]


Links Sept 29, 2011

Al Iverson has a post up about his experiences with customers who try to acquire email addresses through appending. J.D. Falk has a post up about the history of DKIM.

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MAAWG and email appending

In today’s Magill Report Ken says: The only surprise in the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group’s statement last week condemning email appending was that it didn’t publish one sooner. However, MAAWG’s implication that email appending can’t be accomplished without spamming is nonsense. Ken does have a point. I can come up with a number of scenarios […]

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MAAWG statement on email appending

MAAWG has published their position statement on email appending. It’s pretty explicit in it’s condemnation of the practice. It is the position of MAAWG that email appending is an abusive practice. Sending email to someone who did not explicitly give informed consent for his or her email address to be used in this way is […]

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Email Change of Address

How many readers have ever submitted an email change of address form? How many readers even know where to go to submit an email change of address form? And I’m not talking about going to a particular retailer and saying “change my email address” I’m talking about using one of the companies that offer email […]


Email appending

Mickey talks about appending and why it’s not a good practice. There are a lot of companies out there who love using append strategies, and who find themselves changing email service providers three or four times a year — always hoping for “a bump in deliverability.”  I don’t think that there is any accident to […]

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Appendleads is not unusual

I called out David Williams from yesterday for his spam. Sure he’s a spammer, his database is full of garbage information and his email violates CAN SPAM but he’s not that unusual in the realm of list sellers. He is very typical of the people I see offering lists for sale. List sellers are […]


Buying Lists

One of my email addresses at a client got spammed today offering to sell me appending services. I was going to post the email here and point out all of the problems in how he was advertising it, including violating CAN SPAM. As I often do, I plugged his phone number into google, only to […]

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You want to sell me a list?

Over the years, some of my clients have found it expedient to give me email addresses at their domains. These addresses forward mail addressed to laura@clientsite to my own mailbox. Generally these are so I can be added to internal mailing lists and have access to their internal tools. It’s often amusing to see the […]


TWSD: Run, hide and obfuscate

Spammers and spamming companies have elevated obfuscating their corporate identities to an artform. Some of the more dedicated, but just this side of legal, spammers set up 3 or 4 different front companies: one to sell advertising, one or more to actually send mail, one to get connectivity and one as a backup for when […]

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