Abuse Reporting Format

J.D. has a great post digging into ARF, the abuse reporting format used by most feedback loops.
If you’re interested in following along, you might find this annotated example ARF report handy.

Y! and ARF

Someone twittered me a question about Y! and their ARF reports. Apparently the ARF header is not including AM/PM which is causing problems for some people. Yahoo is aware of the issue and looking into it. On a housekeeping note, sorry for the lack of postings this week. I’m still recoving from the trip and while I have a lot of things I want to talk about (including responding to the great...

Updates on upcoming AOL FBL changes

Annalivia posted more information over on the AOL Postmaster blog about the upcoming conversion of the AOL FBL to ARF only. Specifically, she provides instructions for how to read the FBL emails in different email clients. ARF can be read in most major email clients with a little human intervention. The content of the header will be the same as the original format, in that the same redactions...

AOL converting all FBLs to ARF

AOL announced today that they are phasing out non-ARF feedback loops. As of September 2, 2008, no new non-ARF feedback loops will be created and all existing non-ARF feedback loops will be converted to ARF. What is ARF? ARF stands for Abuse Reporting Format. It is a standardized format intended to make processing of automated abuse reports (or feedback loop reports) easier. Word to the Wise has...

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