Appending in a nutshell

A few months ago a colleague sent me, and every other person on his overly large LinkedIn list, an email looking for some help hiring. It starts off with “Greetings LinkedI Connections” and ends with… an unsubscribe link. P.S. If you don’t want to hear from me, here’s an unsubscribe link – that’s the easiest way. My LinkedIn network has gotten so...

Boston police using email to warn residents

Jaclyn Reiss tweets:
Town of Watertown email blast sent just now says stay in home, follow police instructions, local businesses should NOT open
Email is not dead, not even close.
Stay safe, Boston.

Blasting the message!

Sending frequency is an important part of any email campaign. Too little mail and recipients forget about the mail and don’t open it when it does arrive. Too much mail and folks start complaining, like John Cole over at Balloon Juice. Take the dogs to the park for a half hour, come back, and there are 30 new messages from advocacy groups and campaigns in my email box. […] Seriously...

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