Barracuda update

The Barracuda twitter account has been very helpful and responsive to the issue. A few hours ago they tweeted that the problem should have been fixed. 1) Hi all, sorry to take so long to get the info. First, there was a routine transient spike in blacklisted IPs as part of the threat analysis process. It normally goes unnoticed. However in this case…— Barracuda Networks (@barracuda)...

Increase in Barracuda IP blocks

A number of folks are talking about a significant uptick in Barracuda IP blocks over the last few days. These blocks appear to be affecting wide ranges of IPs across multiple networks. Folks have been reaching out to Barracuda through their unblocking form. Many of them are not receiving answers, but some are getting answers that say they may be old listings, and there is no current data to...

All filters are not equal

Many questions about delivery problems often assume that there is one standard email filter and the rules are the same across all of them. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the case. The biggest divide is consumer versus business filters. Business filters don’t really care about things like engagement. A sender could have near perfect engagement with a message to a business. But a...

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