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Fraudulent signups or spam?

This morning I got spam from a major data broker / ESP / credit reporting agency claiming I’d signed up on some college website. In the UK. To check my credit score. Uh. No. No I didn’t. Of course, it’s very possible someone did use my email address when signing up for something at a […]

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Tagged Email Addresses

Sept 17, 2019: Shutting down comments on this post because we cannot help you recover any email account and I am concerned about the number of people who are providing PII (including phone numbers, credit card numbers!!! and email addresses) in the comments.  A tagged email address is any email address that provides some additional information to the recipient when […]


Appendleads is not unusual

I called out David Williams from yesterday for his spam. Sure he’s a spammer, his database is full of garbage information and his email violates CAN SPAM but he’s not that unusual in the realm of list sellers. He is very typical of the people I see offering lists for sale. List sellers are […]


Buying Lists

One of my email addresses at a client got spammed today offering to sell me appending services. I was going to post the email here and point out all of the problems in how he was advertising it, including violating CAN SPAM. As I often do, I plugged his phone number into google, only to […]

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20M leads a month

Some back of the envelope calculations. 20M “opt-in” leads a month is roughly 650,000 leads a day. 650,000 leads a day is roughly 27,000 leads an hour. 27,000 leads an hour is 450 leads a minute. 450 leads per minute is one lead every 133 milliseconds. The total population of the US is roughly 300,000,000 […]


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