Conferences and Events?

What are readers favorite conferences and events around email and marketing? I’m starting to plan out my schedule for this year. I did a lot of talks at familiar places last year, and I’m looking to find some new places.
Tell me your favorite conferences in the comments.

Laura's Speaking Events early 2016

My speaking schedule is coming together for Q1 and Q2 this year. Email Evolution Conference. March 30 – April 1. New Orleans, LA. I’ll be participating on the “All You Ever Wanted to Know about Deliverability (But Were Afraid to Ask)” panel Friday Morning. The other panelists are Chris Arrendale, Alyssa Nahatis and Matthew Vernhout. This panel should be quite a bit of fun...

Email Innovations Summit in May 2016

I’ve been accepted as a speaker for the Email Innovations Summit in Las Vegas in May. This is a conference hosted by the folks behind the Only Influencers group and should be a great way to meet some of the leading minds in email marketing. I’ll be speaking on some of the things I see changing in the email space and how that will affect email marketing as a whole. I think it will be...

All About Email: Q & A session tomorrow

Live! Tomorrow! the 2015 All About eMail Virtual Conference & Expo. 12:30 Eastern, 9:30 Pacific. Come hear Ken ask me about email and contribute your own questions!
Want to ask about spamtraps? Purchased lists? How about engagement? Just want to listen to what myths other people are interested in asking about? Come and listen.

Deliverability, email and lessons learned from Insight2015

Deliverability is a challenge, I think everyone who has ever tried to send bulk mail will acknowledge that. There are a lot of reasons for this. One of the big reasons is that there are bad players who spend a lot of time trying to get around filters. And a lot of these people are sending very bad mail. Phishing. Spear Phishing. Viruses. Malware. Email is a prime vector for a lot of criminals. A...

We're hiring again and travel

We’re looking for a new employee. Full job details are available on our career page. I’m excited with how the company is growing and developing. I’m looking forward to seeing the candidates and what they can bring to us. For those of you going to the APSIS Email Marketing Evolved conference next week, I hope you will stop by and introduce yourself. I’ll be presenting at...

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