Delays at Comcast

I’m seeing a significant amount of chatter on various lists that queues to Comcast are backing up right now. Looks to be something on their end.
Error messages are 421 “Try again later.” I’ll see if I can find someone at Comcast to give me some info.

Not just you

This morning (9 or 10 am Pacific) my various mailing lists were lighting up with questions about Yahoo delays. A lot of people reported they were seeing Yahoo respond “420 Resources Unavailable, try again later” on connect. What everyone wanted to know was is if other senders were seeing this. The answer was a resounding YES. And, in fact, Yahoo commented on Facebook around 2pm...

Changes at Gmail

As I’ve said before, I can usually tell when some ISP changes their filtering algorithm because I start getting tons and tons of calls about delivery problems at that ISP. This past month it’s been Gmail. There have been two symptoms I’ve been hearing about. One is an increase in bulk folder delivery for mail that previously was reliably hitting the inbox. The other is a bit...

Delivery delays due to congestion

Now that we’re deep in the middle of the Christmas shopping season, I’m seeing more and more complaints about delays at ISPs. Mickey talked about everything the ISPs have to consider when making hardware and buildout decisions in his post The hard truth about email on Spamtacular. When, like on cyber Monday, there’s a sharp increase in the volume of email, sometimes ISPs...

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