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Email as a PR problem

Email is a great way to connect to and engage with people. It is also a medium where the sender doesn’t get to control the message as well as they might in other media. This means that sometimes email campaigns go wrong in a way that drives a national news story about how you are […]

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Delivery Blog Carnival – Selling, trading and renting email addresses

A couple weeks ago, I linked to a comment from a marketer mentioning that email addresses should be able to be traded around like snail mail addresses. I suggested this might be a good topic to hear from a lot of different people on. Mickey posted List Rental is…. In that post he looked at […]

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Blog carnival deadline

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the deadline for the delivery blog carnival. I look forward to seeing your posts!

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Delivery Blog Carnival

I’ve been thinking for a while that a delivery blog carnival might be an interesting thing. Al, Mickey and I were talking today about a comment on an article and we thought it might be interesting if we all blogged about it. Then I thought we could open it up to a wider audience. The […]

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