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Use the form…

A lot of senders get frustrated with the time it can take to get a response from some ISPs. It’s totally understandable, for a lot of companies delivery problems are all hands on deck level problems. They want them fixed and they want them fixed IMMEDIATELY. They want feedback that their issue is being addressed. […]

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Comcast having a bad day

Comcast announced this morning that they’re having problems receiving mail and their customers are seeing significant delays. We are currently experience an issue which is causing a significant delay in receiving email. This is not a good thing and we are very aware of the problem and are working hard to restore it. Technical description for those […]

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August 2015: The month in review

It’s been a busy blogging month and we’ve all written about challenges and best practices. I found myself advocating that any company that does email marketing really must have a well-defined delivery strategy. Email is such vital part of how most companies communicate with customers and potential customers, and the delivery landscape continues to increase in […]

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Don't wait to address delivery problems

One of the worst ways to deal with blocking issues is to ignore them and hope your mail magically moves from the bulk folder back into the inbox. While this does happen as ISPs and filter companies update their filters, it’s not that common and it’s usually the result of a sender actually cleaning up […]

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ISPs speak at M3AAWG

Last week at M3AAWG representatives from AOL, Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook spoke about their anti-spam technologies and what the organizations were looking for in email. This session was question and answers, with the moderator asking the majority of the questions. These answers are paraphrased from my notes or the MAAWG twitter stream from the session. […]


Fickle recipients

One of the tenets of good delivery is know your recipients. seems to know their recipients.   Happy Friday.

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Troubleshooting email delivery

Mark Brownlow has a post up explaining how he discovered some problems with delivery at Gmail by digging deeper into his statistics. Mark goes through his thought process including his initial conjecture on what might be causing the problems and then how he looked at the data to see if his supposition fit the data. […]

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Timeliness of email

There’s been an interesting discussion in the comments from yesterday’s post about temp failing. My position is that email is not a 100% reliable medium for transmitting time sensitive information. Two things happened today to reinforce that. Yahoo announced they were having incoming MTA issues again, causing them to non-specifically defer mail. This has been […]

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Delivery delays due to congestion

Now that we’re deep in the middle of the Christmas shopping season, I’m seeing more and more complaints about delays at ISPs. Mickey talked about everything the ISPs have to consider when making hardware and buildout decisions in his post The hard truth about email on Spamtacular. When, like on cyber Monday, there’s a sharp […]

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