FBI indicts 19 for internet related fraud

A federal grand jury in Dallas returned an indictment this week charging 19 individuals with conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. 15 of the defendants are charged with email fraud. All in all, these defendants are accused of defrauding various companies, from telcos to web developers, of $15,000,000. [I]f convicted, the conspiracy charge carries a maximum statutory sentence of 30 years in...

TWSD: Privacy protection for commercial domains

One of my major pet peeves is supposedly legitimate companies hiding behind privacy protection in their whois records. There is absolutely no reason for a legitimate company to do this. There are lots of reasons a non-legitimate company might want to hide behind privacy services, but I have never heard a good reason for legitimate companies to hide. Look, a company sending any commercial email is...

Lycos Europe shuts down

Multiple bloggers have commented on Lycos Europe shutting down. Some of them have linked to domains involved. One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sent me a list of domains which have a MX pointing at Lycos Europe. If you see a failure to resolve or connect to any of these domains in the coming weeks, you should remove all the email addresses at that domain from your lists. The list is...

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