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Creating emails

Email is, still, primarily a written medium. This means that good copywriting is crucial. Today I opened up an email and the pre-header says: Laura, should have get your Naturals Sample Bag.*Web Version Wait. What? Maybe they mean “should have got”? But that’s implying they’re sending out free sample bags to everyone. That can’t be right. But I can’t tell...

Email templates

SendwithUs is crowdsourcing and open sourcing email templates. These are tested templates submitted by the SendwithUs community and run through the Litmus testing suite.
If you’re in the market for a template, or want to share a great template you’ve designed, check out the SendwithUs project.

Creating effective links

CampaignMonitor blogged today about an email they sent out that triggered the Thunderbird “this might be a scam” filter. After a bit of tweaking, we discovered that Thunderbird systematically throws up this alert when it sees a URLs in your HTML email copy. In this case, we had made the mistake of adding the following line: If you would like to support the National Wildlife Federation...

HTML in email

Steve and I were talking this afternoon about HTML in email. He wanted to know what headers I looked for in the HTML portion of an email. A good question, as I’ve seen everything from a full doctype declaration through to just <body> tags.. All of them seem to render OK in various mail clients so I don’t spend too much time worrying about the specific HTML header elements. I do...

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