Sendgrid's open letter to Gmail

Paul Kincaid-Smith wrote an open letter to Gmail about their experiences with the Gmail FBL and how the data from Gmail helped Sendgrid find problem customers.
I know a lot of folks are frustrated with Gmail not returning more than statistics, but there is a place for this type of feedback within a comprehensive compliance desk.

Gmail FBL update

Last week Gmail started contacting ESPs that signed up for their new FBL with more information on how to set up mailings to receive FBL emails. One of the struggles some ESPs are having is the requirement for DKIM signing. Many of the bigger ESPs have clients that sign with their own domains. Gmail is telling these ESPs to insert a second DKIM signature to join the FBL. There are a couple reasons...

Gmail pilots new FBL

Yes, it’s true. Gmail announced last Thursday at M3AAWG that they were piloting a new Feedback loop. The Gmail FBL is currently for ESPs only. The announcement during MAAWG was that only MAAWG ESP members were eligible. They are requiring a DKIM signature for the FBL, but ESPs using individual customer d= values can get a FBL based on IPs. They are also not providing ANY information that...

Problems with Yahoo FBL

There are a couple problems I’ve been alerted to with the Yahoo FBL today. The first comes from Michael Ellis and is about broken FBL reporting at Yahoo. [In Firefox and Chrome] If you see a email in the junk folder and open it, then click this is not spam; it tosses you out of the email and back into the junk folder list view and the email is still there. It has also reported it as another...

Earthlink opens up FBL

Earlier this week I was at MAAWG and one of the Earthlink postmaster folks stopped me to tell me that Earthlink was now accepting non-ISP applications to their Feedback Loop.
In order to apply for the Earthlink FBL send an email to fblrequest@abuse.earthlink.net with the IP addresses and the FBL email address.

How difficult is it to get on whitelists?

Today’s question comes from Leslie J. Just how difficult is it for a small business that runs a highly compliant mailing system to find their way onto whitelists at the big freemail/spam filter providers? It seems utterly impossible meaning man hours are completely wasted messing around with subjects and content when if the same business sends the very same message through any number of...

It's Thursday: AOL must be having problems

And, in fact, they are. This time I’m seeing random reports of FBL failures. Some folks are seeing a significant (more than 50%) decrease in FBL emails. Other folks are reporting FBL reports that aren’t really FBL reports, but instead look like failed code output. If you’re seeing this kind of problems it’s not just you. As always, people at AOL are working to fix things...

Bounces, complaints and metrics

In the email delivery space there are a lot of numbers we talk about including bounce rates, complaint rates, acceptance rates and inbox delivery rates. These are all good numbers to tell us about a particular campaign or mailing list. Usually these metrics all track together. Low bounce rates and low complaint rates correlate with high delivery rates and high inbox placement. But sometimes the...

More about the mail.ru FBL

Len Shneyder has a really interesting post up about the mail.ru feedback loop and the broader message this sends about the intersection of social media and email marketing. Go read it!

New Feedback loop

There’s a new feedback loop at mail.ru. This is a DKIM based FBL (like Yahoo) and is designed primarily for ESPs. I am hearing there is an IP based FBL for ISPs in the works, but there isn’t a firm release date for that yet. Senders and ESPs can signup for the new FBL at . One caveat is that you must have a mail.ru account in order to get access to the stats page and there isn’t...

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