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Null sender address

A question came up on the email geeks slack channel about empty from addresses. I asked if they meant the 5321 or 5322 from address which prompted a question about if you could even have a null 5321 from. Yes, you can and it’s commonly used for some types of email. 5321.from is the bounce address, and the domain used in SPF authentication. Null addresses, literally <>, are used for email...

Another reason not to use no-reply@

A story from someone handling support at a UK company that regularly sends out transactional email with no-reply@company in the From: line. [A] guy emailed in and started off the RMA process on a motherboard that was dead. A month later this guy rings up the store and starts yelling and cursing saying his motherboard has not arrived and that Nor Eply (the guy who he had apparently been...

Getting it so wrong

One of the things I notice is when vendors send me badly formatted emails. There’s one vendor of ours that gets it so wrong I find it offensive to receive their mails. Not only have they not managed to invoice or process payments correctly for months, but their billing emails come to me with one of the ugliest From: lines I’ve ever seen. Now, I’ve seen Dave Crocker’s...

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