Anatomy of a Received header

When trying to find out why Something Went Wrong during delivery of an email we sometimes want to look at the route by which it was delivered. Did SPF break because of an unexpected forward? Did DKIM break because an intermediate mailserver modified the content of the message? Why did it take nine hours from the mail leaving our ESP to make it to the inbox? Did it really leave our ESP when they...

You can't technical yourself out of delivery problems

In many cases these days, many more cases than a lot of senders want to admit, delivery problems at the big ISPs are a result of sending mail recipients just don’t care about. The reason your mail is going to bulk? It’s not because you have minor problems in your headers. It’s not because you have some formatting issues. The reason is because your recipients just don’t...

Expiring emails

J.D. Falk posts over on the Return Path blog about the new proposed standard for expiring email. It’s an interesting concept, but like J.D. I don’t see it going very far.

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