Private whois records hide spammers and help bring down a registrar

I’ve talked in the past about how many spam filters, ISPs and blocklists treat domains that are registered behind privacy protection. I’ve written about how many commercial domains behind privacy protection are used for fraud. I’ve written about multiple legal cases where the courts ruled against companies using privacy protected domains in email. I’ve even gone so far as...

New top level domains

ICANN have signed agreements for four new top level domains, all internationalized domains from the 2o12 applications for new TLDs. They are شبكة (“network” or maybe “web” in arabic), 游戏 (“game” in chinese), онлайн and сайт (“online” and “website” in russian). It’ll take a while for the registries to ramp up their infrastructure...

XXX coming to a mailbox near you… eventually

ICANN voted to advance the .xxx TLD proposal today. As one might expect, this is a sponsored TLD intended for use porn and adult sites. This doesn’t mean that .xxx domains will be available immediately, there are still multiple steps in the process. The next step is for ICANN to investigate the business model of ICM Registry, the sponsor of this TLD. If that passes, then .xxx domains will...

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