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A couple links to relevant things that are happening in email. M3AAWG released the Help! I’m on a Blocklist! (PDF link) doc this week. This is the result of 4 years worth of work by a whole lot of people at M3AAWG. I was a part of the working group (“doc champion” in M3AAWG parlance) and want to thank everyone who was involved and contributed to the process. I am very excited...

Internationalisation (part 2)

In part 1 I talked about internationalised domain names, and how they were mapped onto ASCII strings. For sending email there are four bits of the message where internationalisation might need to be considered. Sender or recipient email address Header content, such as the Subject line or the “friendly” name in the To or From The visible body of the message The web URLs the body of the...

Internationalisation (part 1)

There’s been a gentle bit of uproar recently about ICANN finally beginning the process of rolling out support for internationalized domain names (IDN) at the DNS root and the effect that may have on email senders. Even if you haven’t noticed the uproar, it’s still a subject you probably want to be familiar with if you’re sending email. What are internationalised domain...

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