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Amazon launching new email service WorkMail

Amazon is launching a new email service called Amazon WorkMail.  Amazon already offers a Simple Email Service (SES) that allows customers to send outbound-only emails and unlike SES, WorkMail will be a full feature email, calendaring, and client management product.  The new WorkMail mail service will compete with enterprise email solutions such as Microsoft Exchange […]

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Deliverability, Return Path, List-Unsubscribe Header

Here are a few blog posts covering the email industry from Constant Contact, Return Path, and SpamResource. Constant Contact posted a blog post about how they measure email deliverability on January 10th.  They started with just tracking bounce backs and using that metric to calculate deliverability but then moved to using seed list through a […]

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M3AAWG Recommends TLS

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is protocol designed to provide a secure way of transmitting information between computer systems. Originally created by Netscape and released publicly as SSLv2 in 1995 and updated to SSLv3 in 1996. TLS or Transport Layer Security was created in 1999 as a replacement for SSLv3. TLS and SSL are most […]


Google's Inbox Team answers questions on Reddit

The team behind Google’s new Inbox app did an “Ask us Anything” Q&A with reddit on December 3rd. The team consisted of a Product Manager, Designer, and Software Engineer and for two hours the team answered all sorts of questions. Most of the questions were about new features or supporting additional email providers and it […]


E-Postage Just Won't Die

E-Postage is back! Wired covers a report from New Scientist. Here’s what they have to say: “Yahoo’s researchers want you to voluntarily slap a one-cent stamp on your outgoing e-mails, with proceeds going to charity, in a bid to cut down on spam. Can doing good really do away with spam, which consumes 33 terawatt […]


Open rates climbing, click rates dropping

Ken Magill reported on a study published by Epsilon (pdf link) on Tuesday. This report shows open rates are climbing but click-through rates are falling. Average e-mail click-through rates dropped 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2008 from the third to 5.8%, the lowest ever recorded, according to a study released today by Epsilon. […] […]


Political Spam

At Adventures in Email Marketing, there is a post up this morning about political spam. It seems Anna discovered that providing her email address on her voter registration card not only results in political groups sending her email to that address, but also that political email does not have to follow the rules of CAN […]


Verifying email addresses

Over at CircleID Aviram Jenik posts about using email addresses as identification and how that can go horribly wrong if the website does no verification. In his case, the problem is a user who has made a purchase using Aviram’s gmail address and Aviram now has access to the other users personal information. As he […]



Terry Zink has been posting articles about botnets as traced by Hotmail. I do not often talk about botnets as they are outside my area of expertise. They are not something I deal with, as no one who uses botnets is welcome as a client here. My clients and I, however, do have to deal […]

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$234M default judgment against spammers

MySpace has won a 234 million dollar judgment against Walt Rines and Sanford Wallace. “MySpace has zero tolerance for those who attempt to act illegally on our site,” [MySpace Chief Privacy officer] Nigam said in a statement. “We remain committed to punishing those who violate the law and try to harm our members.” These are […]

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