Supreme Court declines to hear anti-spam case

Yesterday the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal for Virginia v. Jaynes. This means that the Virginia state supreme court ruling overturning the Virginia anti-spam law currently stands. Jeremy Jaynes was a well known spammer who went under the name Gavin Stubberfield. He was pretty famous in anti-spammer circles for sending horse porn spam. In 2003 he was arrested under the Virginia state...

Declan weighs in on the VA law

Declan McCullagh writes today about the VA anti-spam law being overturned by the state supreme court. What’s notable about this law, and what made it vulnerable to First Amendment challenge, are two characteristics. The first is that it applies to the falsification of e-mail information, which could sweep in both spammers and, say, someone using a pen name or pseudonym. And we know, despite...

Court strikes down VA anti-spam law

The Virginia Supreme Court overturned the 2003 state law prohibiting sending unsolicited bulk email using false routing information, including phony domain names or IP addresses. “That statute is unconstitutionally overbroad on its face,” the ruling concludes, “because it prohibits the anonymous transmission of all unsolicited bulk e-mails including those containing political...

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