Your delivery is yours, not your ESPs

Ken is right. As he almost always is. I received a cold-call voicemail yesterday from a representative of an e-mail service provider looking to do a barter deal. Never mind I’m not the person to approach for barter deals—or any other type of non-editorial issue, for that matter—the sales rep made one statement that made me cringe. “Our delivery rates are very high,” she said. That statement has...

White House spamming: update

There’s quite a discussion about the White House spam going on over at Bronto Blog. Ken Magill wrote about the controversy today in Magilla Marketing. Anyone who’s followed his newsletter for a while knows he’s been reporting on politicians buying and sharing lists for the last few months. He has some data that may help clarify where the addresses aren’t coming from. As...

Images in email

It can be very hard to create engaging graphics and layout that work in all email programs. Each has it’s own quirks and weirdness in interpreting the underlying HTML code. Today, while investigating an issue for a client, I learned that some versions of Lotus Notes don’t display images in PNG format. Magilla Marketing addresses the same issue today. Is there a direct-marketing...

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