Why Deliverability Matters

Deliverability matters because we are the conscience of our companies. We are the ones who tell our companies, and particularly the marketing team, no. We’re the ones looking out for the health of our company reputation, the recipient’s inbox and the email ecosystem as a whole. What is deliverability? On the surface, deliverability is the job that ensures email makes it to the inbox...


I come up against a lot of denial when talking with people about spam and email. It makes sense, nobody likes spam. Nobody wants to send spam. And I do understand the initial denial when they hear “you’re mail looks like spam” or “you spammed me.” It often takes overwhelming evidence to convince some senders that their mail is spam. I’ve talked before about...

The hard sell works

Ken Magill, dad extraordinaire, describes how he went above and beyond the call to get his son a DVD while battling hard sell marketing techniques.

Confusing opt-in and opt-out

Harvard Business Review posted a blog earlier this week suggesting that all businesses should treat email marketing as an opt-out process. Unfortunately, the post seemed to me to conflate and confuse a number of things. She mixes in potential customers providing business cards to an exhibitor at a trade show with current customers that are using a product. She promotes businesses using opt-out as...

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