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Busy week

This week has been incredibly busy with business stuff and I’ve not had a lot of time to sit and think about blogging. Blogging will be light for the next few days while I catch up.

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And we’re back

Happy New Year! I am back and ready to talk email with folks. December is always a busy time, both between the holidays and all associated personal stuff, but also for delivery consulting. There are senders that suddenly discover their email going to the bulk folder and needing help and assistance. But now it’s January […]

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Ken gets spam

Ken at Popehat gets spam offering to write a sponsored post. Ken counters with what he wants out of a sponsored post. Blogging is going to be light this week. I’ve got a couple project deadlines to meet and most of my focus is on that. Plus, it’s the end of August and most folks […]

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Spam illustrated

Portraits of Spammers It’s been a long week, so enjoy some art (and spam). Next week we’ll get back to discussing the many faults of Gmail. And senders. And receivers. And, well, everyone has faults. And email is Dead. Tabs killed it.


Lavabit shuts down

Lavabit is a secure mail system. Today their CEO announced he was shutting down the service immediately. I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I have […]


Too much email on the brain

Last night I was cruising through our local news website. I see the headline New SPF guidelines coming our way. My first thought was, “Wow, SPF made the paper?” Now, I live in the SF Bay area so there are a lot of technology related stories that hit our paper which might not see the […]


Happy 4th of July

Judging by my inbox and the spam filter here on the blog spammers have taken the week off. We’re mostly following suit here, and I won’t be blogging the rest of the week. To all my fellow American residents, enjoy the day off and the fireworks. Be careful if you are setting some off and […]

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Thanks, Al

A giant, very public thank you to Al for volunteering to mind the blog while Steve and I made an emergency trip to the UK. There was once or twice I noticed something that I thought “I should take a second and blog about this” only to discover Al was way ahead of me and […]

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Temporary Hiatus

Had a family emergency so the blog will be on hiatus for a couple weeks.

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Looking for questions

After a brief hiatus, I’d like to bring back the Wednesday question series. I have a few questions from before the hiatus that I’ll be answering over the next few weeks. But I’d like a few more to answer. So bring on your questions. Send them to me at, tweet them to me @wise_laura or […]

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