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Company responsibility and compliance

I blogged a few times recently about Zoho and their issues with malicious actors abusing their platform. They asked me to post the following statement from their CEO Sridhar Vembu. Unfortunately phishing has become one of the bad side-effects of Zoho’s rapid growth over the last couple of years, especially the growth of our mail service. […]

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Looking forward

I had a number of very good talks with folks at the Email Innovations Summit earlier this week. I’m still digesting it all. It’s clear that getting to the inbox isn’t a solved problem. Around a decade ago I figured that the explosion of complaint feedback loops would make my job obsolete. That more data […]

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Delivery Monitor Closing Down

Delivery Monitor by Aweber is one of the inbox monitoring services available for senders. Aweber has been in the process of winding down Delivery Monitor for the last few months and they will be turning the service off completely tomorrow. A lot of folks have asked me about replacements for Delivery Monitor. There are, of […]


Old lists have bad delivery

This is something we all know is true, and something that everyone believes. But, Mailchimp has actually published numbers demonstrating just how bad old lists are. Stats for the “Inactives” list (241,832 recipients): Spam Complaints: 43 Open Rate: 6% Click Rate: 2.4% (and 7,688 total clicks) Unsubscribes: 264 Bounces: 6,878 (2.8%) Stats for the “Actives” […]


Troubleshooting a Postini block

Mail from one of my clients is being filtered at Postini and they asked me to look into this. Not that there is anything that can be done, of course. Even before they were bought out by Google, they were the poster child for a spam filtering company that believed they could do no wrong. […]


Do you know where your addresses go?

Being a deliverability consultant, I end up signing up for a lot of lists and providing email addresses to a lot of different websites I may not normally trust with my email address. The only way to manage the resulting volume of email is using a disposable address system. There are a number of commercial […]

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