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Blog roundup

Denise Cox has a list of 10 things your signup page should have over on her blog. The AOL postmaster blog has its first post up talking about bounces. BeRelevant has a great blog with lots of suggestions email best practices. Mark Brownlow had a great post this weekon moving the unsubscribe button to the […]

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Ken speaks the truth

Ken Magill has a great article up today about how many marketers expect their ESPs to fix their delivery problems when in reality the marketers policies and practices are the real problem. If enough recipients think a marketer’s e-mail program is garbage, no e-mail service provider in the world will be able to prevent spam […]

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e360 in court again

Today’s edition of Magilla Marketing announced that Dave Linhardt and e360 have sued Comcast. has the text of the complaint up. On the surface this seems quite silly. e360 is alleging a number of things, including that Comcast is committing a denial of service attack against e360 and locking up e360’s servers for more […]

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Al Ralsky Indicted

Al Ralsky is a very prolific spammer and his name is well known among ISP abuse desks.  Along with 10 other people he was indicted today after a 2 year investigation by the Justice Department, according to an article published today by  the Detroit Free Press. U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Murphy said, “Today’s charges seek […]

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Email Marketing for Dummies

Mark Brownlow has an interview with the author of Email Marketing For Dummies. It is a great summary of the book and gives some good hints to anyone interested in starting to use email as a marketing and customer retention tool.

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Best practices and ISPs

A couple articles came out today talking about ISP requirements and how to find them. EmailInsider talks about ISP best practices and how merely complying with CAN-SPAM is not enough to get good delivery at the ISPs. Meanwhile, over at ClickZ, Stefan talks about what the ISPs want from you and how to find the […]

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News and articles

Things have been insanely busy the last few days so blogging has been light. I do have links to a few news articles though. ClickZ has a report on the benefits they saw when switching to a professional email service provider. ReturnPath talks about changes to the email landscape as we enter the holiday shopping […]

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How to improve AOL delivery

DMNews interviewed Charles before he left AOL about the state of spam and the challenges for ISPs and how that affects senders. The article was published this week. In it he talks about The botnet problem and what AOL is doing to combat it How AOL monitors its users What kinds of things AOL measures […]

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Do open rates matter?

Ken Magill over at DirectMag has an article deriding the reliance on ‘open rates’ as a metric for the success (or failure!) of marketing campaigns. E-mail delivers a return on investment so high, it’s practically embarrassing. It doesn’t require getting fuzzy with the metrics. But as long as we continue to call the percentage of […]

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Yahoo blocks unauthenticated PayPal and eBay Mail

Yahoo announced this morning that over the course of the next few weeks Yahoo would roll out a new feature to their email that blocks any unauthenticated email from eBay and PayPal. In a blog post Nikki Dugan says: Our weapon is a technology Yahoo! spearheaded called DomainKeys, which uses cryptography to verify the domain […]

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