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Relevance: don't underestimate it, measure it.

Ken Magill has an article today about a new service from e-Dialog called the Relevancy Trajectory. This product identifies the specific factors that enable you to customize and time messages properly, encourage interactivity, and maintain flexibility in your e-mail campaigns. The six factors are: Segmentation Lifecycle management Triggers Personalization Interactivity Testing and measurement Relevancy should […]

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Think about that subject line

Ken Magill talks about a study done by People magazine on the importance of subject lines and from lines in getting recipients to open and act on an email. MailChimp has specific open information about mail sent through their application. They describe the collection of the information used in this blog post. Recipients really do […]

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More on Truthout

Ken Magill comments on the reaction of to being blocked by AOL and Hotmail. I do agree with Al, if both AOL and Hotmail are blocking your email, then you’re doing something wrong.



Goodmail made a splash on the email marketing and ISP industries a few years ago by announcing their CertifiedEmail program. They guaranteed that using their certification would result in email going directly to the inbox, and all images in the email would be displayed by default. Senders using Goodmail would pay money, per message, and […]

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Spam Documentary on TV

A few months back John Levine participated in a Canadian TV Show called Spam, The documentary. This will be shown on Court TV on Sept 18th at 11pm or the 19th at 3am. John says It came out quite well; they start by interviewing Terry Jones about the original Monty Python spam skit, then you […]

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Real Spam?

Both Al and Mickey have written astute comments on Kevin Sirtz’s article about how permission is not important in web[sic] marketing. It is pretty clear to me that Mr. Sirtz does not really understand email, and not just because he conflates email with the web. Anyone who has been involved in the email marketing space […]

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Consent and laws

Derek Harding wrote an article at ClickZ talking about consent and how the email marketing industry hasn’t yet learned that consent is important.

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