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Bad SPF can hurt your reputation

Can a bad SPF record ruin your delivery, even though all your mail still passes SPF? Yes, it can. One of our clients had issues with poor delivery rates to the inbox at gmail and came to us with the theory that it was due to other people using their domain to send spam to […]


Mailbox preview and HTML content

I just received a slightly confusing email.     The From address and the Subject line are from Sony, but the content looks like it’s from email analytics firm Litmus. What’s going on here? Opening the mail it looks like a fairly generic “Oops, we lost a class-action lawsuit, have $2 worth of worthless internet […]

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Brief DBL false positive

A code glitch in a new DBL sub-zone known as 'Abused-Legit' caused the new Abused-Legit zone to list ".net." for 60 minutes from 08:35 UTC. — The Spamhaus Project (@spamhaus) December 17, 2014 Spamhaus are rolling out a new subzone of the DBL, for domains whose webservers have been compromised and used to host spam […]

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Images, again

It’s a new year, but an old problem. Email with unloaded images. Sure, you should be including critical content as text, and/or including alt-text as a normal part of your creative design process, but at the bare minimum you should look at what your mail looks like without images. The last thing you want to […]

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Know your target audience…

… and the device they’re probably going to read your email on. @lauter from MailChimp points and laughs at an advertising email from Blackberry-the-company that’s completely unreadable when read on Blackberry-the-device. That’s really bad marketing on a bunch of different levels.

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SpamAssassin Problems

The default SpamAssassin configuration considers any date far in the future to be extremely suspicious, which is pretty reasonable. However, as @schampeo points out, it also seems to consider any date later than 2009 to be “far in the future”. That means that until the SpamAssassin folks roll out a fix, and that gets deployed […]