Comcast having a bad day

Comcast announced this morning that they’re having problems receiving mail and their customers are seeing significant delays. We are currently experience an issue which is causing a significant delay in receiving email. This is not a good thing and we are very aware of the problem and are working hard to restore it. Technical description for those who are interested:  A problem on a couple...

HE.net DNS problems

Hurricane Electric had a significant outage of their authoritative DNS servers this morning, causing them to return valid responses with no results for all(?) queries. This will have caused delivery problems for any mail going to domains using HE.net DNS – which will include some of their colocation customers, as well as users of their free services – but also will have caused reverse...

Network Solutions email issues

According to twitter and mailop Network Solutions is having issues with inbound mail, with both TCP level disconnections and 451 deferrals. @annaciamp @netsolcares We're seeing email from our servers to netsol queuing up, consistently since 9:51 am (U.S. Central) — Frank Bulk (@frankbulk) October 14, 2015 Down Detector and other reports suggest it’s been an issue since about 8am...

Yahoo FBL Down

We’re seeing multiple reports that the Yahoo feedback loop stopped working some time in the past couple of days. If you’re not seeing reports, it’s not just you.

Outlook 365 having a bad day

I’ve seen scattered reports today that some mail to the Outlook 365 servers is failing. This has been confirmed by ZDNet. Only folks with a Office 365 account can log in and see the status messages, but there are some folks on the mailop list posting updates from the website. Attempts to mail to affected domains results in this response: 421 4.3.2 The maximum number of concurrent server...

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